Broadcast Announcements in Dynamics 365

A small feature customers occasionally ask for is the capability for Dynamics 365 to broadcast news announcements in a highly visible screen location, so that all users cannot fail to read the post.

Ideally, the ability to broadcast messages using the same yellow system announcement bar would be perfect, but that’s not going to happen without introducing unsupported customizations.


The next best thing is to use Dynamics 365’s Announcements capability, which although does not broadcast its messages in the navbar, does allow you embed the announcements as a Web Resource in any dashboard or form.  This gives you plenty of options to highlights announcements in the screens users are most commonly going to use: Opportunity form, CSR Dashboard etc.

Full instructions on the easy setup are here, with results looking like this:


Of course, the customers that ask for this capability usually aren’t aware of Yammer – which is a far better alternative overall!


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