Embed YouTube videos into knowledge articles

One cool feature of Dynamics 365’s Knowledge Article is the ability to embed rich media such as YouTube videos.

This is easy to do and makes the KB articles more engaging for both service centre agents and the end-customer.  To resolve a case, service centre agents can simply email a relevant KB article embedded with a ‘how-to guide’ video straight to the customer’s inbox.


  1. In YouTube, right-mouse-click on the video you want to embed and click Copy Embed Code

    HINT: if you resize your browser first so that the YouTube pane is smaller, when you click Copy Embed Code you’ll copy the actual Height and Width of the current size of the YouTube pane.  This is nice because it allows you to size up how big you want the embedded video to look in your KB article by simply eyeballing the browser as you resize it.

Interactive Service Hub

  1. In Dynamics 365’s Interactive Service Hub (which has been the central place for administering KB articles for a couple of releases now), create a new article and fill out the relevant content
  2. Click the Source iconsource
  3. Paste in the embed code you copied from YouTube
  4. Click the Source icon again and you’ll see the embedded video in your KB article
  5. Publish your article

Dynamics 365

  1. Now when you view your new KB Article in a Dynamics 365 browser, the YouTube content will appear in the article!article

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