Conditional questions with Dynamics CRM surveys

Need to send a survey to your customer?  No doubt you’ve already thought about using SurveyMonkey and their ilk, but if you’re already a Dynamics CRM user then the out-of-the-box Voice of the Customer survey capability has some distinct advantages:

  1. You already have the customer record stored in your Dynamics CRM system, so no messy export/imports or pre-survey data manipulation are required
  2. Any responses are automatically stored in the customer record, enriching the ‘single view of the customer’ interaction history
  3. It’s free
  4. It’s exposed to Dynamics CRM’s workflow capability, so if you want a particular survey response to trigger any kind of follow-up business process (a warning email to a manager, say) then this is easily achievable
  5. Survey data can be reported on using Dynamics CRM’s standard reporting capabilities

Conditional Question Routing

One of the great features of Dynamics CRM’s Voice of the Customer capability is its ability to adapt the survey to a customer’s responses, so that the customer is only asked relevant questions.  Hence improving customer satisfaction, which after all, is likely what you are trying to measure! 

Here’s how to set up conditional routing.

In this simple example I have three questions, and I’ll set up conditional routing to only show Q3 if the response to Q2 is less than 5.

Step 1

First add all your questions to your survey form.  There’s no need to set linking or visibility in the question designer (for this example, anyway).

VoC Conditional Routing 1

Step 2

In the navigation bar, click the drop-down button to the right of your survey name:

VoC Conditional Routing 2
Click Response Routings:

VoC Conditional Routing 3

Step 3

In the Response Routings Associated View, click Add New Response Routing

VoC Conditional Routing 4

Step 4

Complete the condition statement; here, the condition is when the question response is less than 5.

VoC Conditional Routing 5

Step 5

Complete the actions you want carried out when the response meets the condition. Select Client for the scope:

VoC Conditional Routing 6

VoC Conditional Routing 7

Hint: the capability allows you to show/hide questions, sections and even whole pages.

Step 6

Preview > Test > Publish.

Happy surveying!




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