Bing Maps v8 and Dynamics CRM

Dynamics CRM has an out-of-the-box integration to Bing Maps that reads the address in an Account or Contact record and displays the location in a Bing Maps control:


This nicely visualizes the address location, but, frankly, doesn’t do a lot else.

However, the new (as of 22nd June 2016) Bing Maps v8 web control is absolutely packed with really cool features that you can add into your Dynamics CRM business processes to create rich, interactive map experiences.

Here’s one I built for a simple customer demo where we used xRM capabilities to create a vehicle mileage claim system.  Here, the map control creates a route between two points and produces the distance in miles:


Choice is King

There a couple of pretty awesome things about the new map control:

  1. The huge range of different ways it can be used, e.g. heat maps, Streetside, layering, traffic etc.
  2. The clever Interactive SDK which allows you to explore and experiment with these features before adding them to your CRM forms.

Adding the control to Dynamics CRM

  1. To add the Bing Maps v8 web control to Dynamics CRM you first need a ‘Bing Maps key’, which you can get from either the:
    1. Bing Maps portal
    2. Azure Marketplace
  2. Go to the Interactive SDK and select the appropriate type of map control from the left-hand navigation bar


  3. In the HTML tab of the code box, replace Your Bing Maps key with your key
  4. In Dynamics CRM, create a web resource of type Webpage (HTML)


  5. Copy the HTML from the interactive SDK into the Source tab of the web resource Text Editor
  6. Save, Publish
  7. In the form where you want to display the map control, click Insert > Web Resource
  8. Complete the Web Resource Properties dialog


  9. Save, Publish

and hey presto, a working Bing Maps control:




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