Configurable search in Dynamics CRM Online

Relevance Search is a new preview feature in Dynamics CRM Online 8.1 that allows matching of any word in the search term to any field that has been enabled for relevance search.  Essentially, it allows system admins to enable a much deeper search experience that is much more likely to find relevant and useful matches.

For example, a customer I’m working with had a requirement to check if the contact they are communicating with already has a contact record, and they wanted to check this using their postcode.  Clearly, CRM’s duplicate detection capability could have helped here, but now Relevance Search offers a nice alternative.

Here’s how to set it up.

Step 1

In Settings > Previews, select Yes for Relevance Search Preview


Step 2

Open the default solution:

Settings > Customizations > Customize the System

Click Entities then click Configure Relevance Search


Step 3

Select the entities you want included in the search:


Step 4

In the entity you want relevance search to index, open the Quick Find View:



Step 5

Click both Add View Columns and Add Find Columns and select the fields you want relevance search to index in both places.


Click Save and Close, Publish All Customizations


When you now enter a search term in the CRM navigation bar, CRM will match the search term against the fields you selected in the Quick Find View:


Happy CRMing!


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