Calculating ‘Days Since…’ in Dynamics CRM

A scenario I come across quite often when configuring Dynamics CRM is the need to show the Days Since something occurred or happened.  For example:

  • the number of days an opportunity has been at a certain sales stage (used to identify and measure Stalled Opportunities)
  • the number of days an unpaid invoice is overdue, or past due
  • the number of days a quote has been in Open status

So logically, we need Dynamics CRM to understand two things:

  1. the date when the thing occurred or happened (e.g. the invoice due date)
  2. the date today

because with these two dates, simply subtracting one from the other will derive the Days Since that we are looking for.

The date today can be easily derived using the Now() function


however, plugging this into a calculated field using our simple “subtract one from the other” logic produces an error:


But don’t worry, this is where the DiffInDays() function comes to the rescue.

Step 1

  1. Create and name a new field in the entity you are working with (e.g. ‘Days Open’ field in the Quote entity)
  2. Set the Data Type to Whole Number
  3. Set the Field Type to Calculated
  4. Click Edit next to Field Type


Step 2

In the Calculated Field dialog box

  1. Add a Condition (e.g. If Status equals Active)
  2. Add an Action using the DiffInDays() function
DiffInDays({the thing that happened},NOW())

So that the calculated field ends up looking something like this:


and that’s it.  Then:

  1. Click Save and Close  
  2. Click Save and Close



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